Re: inline sounds

Vinay Kumar (vinay@eit.COM)
Wed, 8 Dec 93 09:31:33 PST

Fully second this approach. Until this idea gets incorporated into browsers
and servers, use external clients (say, metamail, or...) to handle such
presentations ! Ofcourse this may not satisfy most of us, but will work for
short term !
  Vinay Kumar

----------------------- > From: Dave_Raggett <> > > The MIME spec includes multipart/parallel which is defined as: > > "This type is syntactically identical to multipart/mixed, but the > semantics are different. In particular, in a parallel entity, all > of the parts are intended to be presented in parallel, i.e., > simultaneously, on hardware and software that are capable of doing > so. Composing agents should be aware that many mail readers will > lack this capability and will show the parts serially in any event." > > So all we need is to make PLAY specify a URL for a multipart/parallel > document, and to enthuse browser writers about the idea. > > Dave Raggett >