Re: X Mosaic, FTP and PASV

Dave_Raggett (
Fri, 3 Dec 93 18:04:12 GMT

>> Getting the file size explicitly is perhaps less robust, but as Andy
>> Norman of angeftp fame is a colleague of mine, I reckon I can beef up
>> the code to deal with the 15 formats or so of directory listings from
>> different platforms, e.g. VMS FTP servers produce 3 varieties alone!

> OK. Now I see the problem.

> Apparently the filename can be extracted reliably from the 15
> varieties of ls, so how about this for now:

> icon + filename + ls line as received
> ---------------
> anchor

> The ls line will often disappear of the r.h.s of the default window size
> but the information won't be so necessary for normal use.

That sounds kind of ugly to me. I think its better to fix up HTFTP.c
to deal correctly with the different platforms and just show icon
filename and size, all in a hypertext link.

I won't have any time to work on this though until after Christmas.
Also on the stack is a simple scheme to cache all offsite http requests
- our admin staff are worried about network costs (we pay $10 per Mbyte).