Re: CGI/1.0 status

George Phillips (
2 Dec 93 10:31 -0800

>Why does nph: (or now nph-) have to be present in the URL at all? -- It's
>information controlling the server. I would prefer it being in the
>script filename suffix, automatically added by the server when searching
>for executable. If you want to change a previously normal script to
>an nph- script you would have to modify all the docs containing URLs
>to that script. If .nph is added by server no docs need to be changed.

Ah, yes, I knew there was some other reason why "nph-" in the URL
can cause you trouble. However, I believe this is not a problem
under NCSA HTTPD because you can use ScriptAlias to hide the
script name (right?). Even without the "nph" problem I'd use
scriptalias anyways -- no need to hard-code script names into the

I'll assume plexus is only one line of perl code away from a
similar mechanism, but maybe the CERN server can't do ScriptAlias
as easily. Certainly I'd go along with Ari's suggestion, but
it may be a little painful for DOS, NT, OS/2 users -- they may
depend on .exe suffixes to execute things, I think.

-- George