Re: Submit/Reset Button names on Forms

Dave_Raggett (
Wed, 1 Dec 93 10:25:28 GMT

Bryan Cheung writes:

> Is there any way to change the names of the Submit and Reset buttons
> displayed on an HTML form?? I have read throught the forms section of the
> HTML+ draft and there is apparently no way to specify ANY name. If the text
> label on these buttons is left up to the client, then we will have to
> maintain language-specific clients rather than creating HTML forms in other
> languages. Have I missed something??

This fits nicely with Axel.Belinfante's suggestion:

> It looks like no NAME=VALUE pairs are returned for 'submit' entries
> in forms, so it seems to be impossible to do something like:

> <FORM>
> <INPUT NAME="entry">
> <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="action" VALUE="Ok">
> <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="action" VALUE="Cancel">
> </FORM>

In this case the VALUE attribute can be used as the button label.
I am currently revising the HTML+ draft spec and will include this.

Note that using an SGML attribute for the label text prevents us
from using character entities such as &Eacute; - we are therefore
restricted to Latin-1 characters for labels and initial values for
text input fields (this doesn't apply to TEXTAREA). I hope this isn't
a problem.

Dave Raggett