Re: Mosaic USENET client?

Axel Belinfante (
Mon, 29 Nov 93 14:46:19 +0100

Peter Lister <> writes
in message <>:
> It occurs to me that, now we have forms and mechanisms for posting
> things, it should be entirely possible to write an HTTP server that
> posts USENET news articles, and behaves like a full function USENET
> news client, while the donkey work of actually browsing articles is
> still done directly using NNTP.
> Anyone doing this? I'm not volunteering (too little time), but it's a
> neat project for someone, and I would find it much preferable to browse
> in Mosaic rather than xrn. An obvious candidate for a PERL module in Plexus..

I did make an attempt to integrate the (v1.1) code by
Ian Goldberg <> into plexus.

The result is running as

Right now, when you request an article, it is requested from the nntp
server and run through a converter that 'detects/creates' hyperlinks,
if you are allowed to read news via that nntp server, or you will get
a redirect URL news:message-id, which will allow you to read the
article from your own nntp server... but you won't get the 'hyperlink-
detection' in that case.

Adding support for posting and support for the .newsrc file are on the
TODO list, as far as i know. I don't know whether Ian reads this list.


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