WAIS indexing directory hierarchies

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (kevinh@pulua.hcc.hawaii.edu)
Fri, 26 Nov 93 01:42:45 HST

Thanks to Marc's excellent "Mosaic and WAIS Tutorial", I've
managed to get a WAIS server up and running. But to index our entire
Web directory tree, I ran into some problems. Using the -r flag to
waisindex would only work if I tried to index *all* files in the
directories. When waisindex hit a directory as an option, only then would
it go into it.
I didn't want this, so I made the small shell script below. I'm
not sure if it's entirely correct for indexing, but it seems to do the trick.
I can't wait until the day when WAIS servers can return full URLs!

-- Kevin


#! /bin/csh

set rootdir = /www set index = /usr/local/etc/http/index set indexprog = /usr/local/etc/http/waisindex

cd $rootdir set num = 0 foreach pathname (`du $rootdir | cut -f2 | tail -r`) cd $pathname echo "Current pathname is: $pathname" if ($num == 0) then set exportflag = "-export" else set exportflag = "-a" endif $indexprog -d $index $exportflag -T HTML *.html $indexprog -d $index -a -T TEXT *.txt $indexprog -d $index -a -T PS -nocontents *.ps $indexprog -d $index -a -T GIF -nocontents *.gif $indexprog -d $index -a -T AU -nocontents *.au $indexprog -d $index -a -T HQX -nocontents *.hqx $indexprog -d $index -a -T XBM -nocontents *.xbm $indexprog -d $index -a -T MPG -nocontents *.mpg $indexprog -d $index -a -T C -nocontents *.c @ num++ end echo "$num directories were indexed."