Re: solidifying a really neat forms hack

Tony Sanders (
Wed, 24 Nov 1993 10:30:00 -0600

> Marc Andreessen writes:
> |NAME="isindex" result in query strings that look like:
> | action?query
> |...and NOT:
> | action?isindex=query
Bert Bos replies:
> I agree, but it can be independent of the implementation of ISINDEX.
> E.g., specify that the "=" is omitted when the INPUT NAME attribute is
> empty or omitted:

Exactly, all Marc is really saying is that a form with a single
NAME="isindex" should generate url?foo instead of url?isindex=foo.
Browsers are still free to do whatever they like with <ISINDEX>.

However, let me also say that I personally would rather see the query
encoding specified in a generic way rather than special case the NAME
(I think we did this already).

I did my little demo to show what you could do if you could query multiple
existing databases from a single document. I would prefer that we don't
special case NAME="isindex".

Just for the record: ISMAP was a hack also, the proper HTTP/1.0 way of
doing this is to serve the image with attribute "Public: SPACEJUMP".
However, when all servers were HTTP/0.9 there was no other choice.