CGP/1.0 specification

Rob McCool (
Fri, 19 Nov 1993 15:35:07 -0600

* Re: CGP/1.0 specification by Tony Sanders (sanders@BSDI.COM)
* written on Nov 19, 11:06am.
* > As far as implementation, I can easily do either. The question is, then,
* > what will the scripts want? Would it be difficult with the CERN server to
* > enter the document mapping process with an already translated pathname? If
* > it's overly difficult, and scripts do not necessarily want to return outside
* > documents, we should pick the virtual path. Tony, which method would be
* > easier for Plexus?
* Whatever you guys think is best. The comment about `cat /realpath' seems
* valid so I guess virtual paths will be the way to go.
* --sanders

My only problem with making it virtual is that if the script needs to send a
file outside the web's tree, it will have to type it itself (since it has to
cat it or use a short C function to send it).