CERN httpd and libwww 2.14 released

Ari Luotonen (
Tue, 16 Nov 93 16:50:13 +0100

CERN-httpd 2.14 and libwww 2.14 have been released.

Anonymous ftp cite:
Sources: /pub/www/src/
Library context diff: /pub/www/src/diffs/
Binaries: httpd, htadm, htimage
under: /pub/www/bin/

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** Everybody using CERN-httpd older than 2.13: **
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IMPORTANT: If you do script programming, also upgrade to 2.14.

ATTENTION: If you have already 2.13 scripts they may be a little
broken, but it is _very_easy_ to repair them. After this version our
script interface will NEVER change without being back-compatible!

httpd 2.14:
* clickable image support
- as an /htbin program htimage, comes together
with daemon
* htadm (also with daemon) has new capabilities:
- an option for checking a password
(for scripts that want to do AA checks)
- now also creates password file
- prompts password twice when changing it
* index search utility interface (you can have a plug-in
/htbin script to do the search)
* forms support
| * /htbin script interface CHANGED a little:
| - first parameter to script is *always* the rest of
| the URL pathname part;
| if there is nothing first parameter is an empty string
| - form submits are parsed sanely:
| * script parameters on even places are form field
| names (appended with =)
| * script parameters on odd places are corresponding
| values
| - /htbin script interface is now FIXED -- it will not
| change so any scripts that you write to CERN server
| will work with any future version of CERN server
| - currently is also compatible with NCSA server with
| the exception of parameter unescaping
* parameters to scripts are _still_ unescaped -- there is no
need for scripts to do any unescaping (easy interface)
* 'on-fly redirection': if script gives a non-full URL as a
Location: field it is passed through rule system, access
authorization and served as if it was the original request
(faster than sending first a redirection to client which
will re-connect to server to get the document anyway)
* ignores SIGPIPE
* Content-Type: field wildcard matching; image/* etc. work
* this version has been running over a week on a real WWW
server machine which makes use of all its capabilities
with no problems -- no major bugs
* contains VMS port (many thanks to Mark Donszelmann):
- /htbin scripts work on VMS
[ Access authorization still has some minor problems. ]
[ Contains sources but .mms file may be incomplete. ]

Server script doc:

Clickable image doc:

libwww 2.14:
* HTML generator linewrap bug fixed
* VMS port
* minor bug fixes

Report any problems as soon as possible to or

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