I want have "Last-modified:" in HTTP/1.0 headers

Guenther Fischer (guenther.fischer@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de)
Fri, 12 Nov 1993 18:26:41 +0100 (MET)

I've set up a simple cache server based on Tony Sanders plexus 3.0.

I'll give this work to a student to make it better - my own time slices
for such a work are too small.

To do this right I need some informations from "real" servers.

- Tony has give me the Last-Modified: header line, but I need this from
other servers too - please HELP
- Tony has give me the HEAD command - it'a a small work in the server
and better than do GET and break the connection

On the client side I need the WWW_html_gateway definition like in Mosaic -
I hope other clients have th same feature.

What I've done till now:

- I only cache HTTP/1.0 servers and I configure a server list to cache.
For other servers it works as a put throught gateway.
- I also can configure types of documents to cache.
- I count using for caching algorithsm

What we will do next:


- reGET documents after a resonable time (configurable for types - I think
gifs have another TTL than htmls ...

(here I need the Last-modified: - Please - I think it's more than the Date:
all HTTP/1.0 servers give me. HEAD would help)

So we could:
if ( TimeToLive is "OUT" ) # after 1 day or so ...
&reGET(...) unless &HEAD_is_uptodate();

Tool to clean the cache:

- walk throught the cache and decide to
- hold or (HEAD says up to date)
- reget or (HEAD says out of date)
- remove from cache. (documents with small usage)

Do this at a nice time (night or weekend or ...)

SERVER-IMPLEMENTORS! give me the needed information.


Name:      Guenther Fischer
Institute: TU Chemnitz, Universitaetsrechenzentrum
Phone:     0371 668 361
mail:      fischer@hrz.tu-chemnitz.de