Clicks inside a polygon

Ari Luotonen (
Tue, 9 Nov 93 10:39:42 +0100

Cheers People,

Is there a public domain implementation of resolving if a point
is inside or outside of a polygon such that it could be part of
the CERN daemon distribution. [Does someone get the code for this
a while back from Robert Cailliau -- he's in the US and I can't
ask from him directly.]

If there is none, can someone point me to the theory of it?

PS. Rob: I pass a form request to a script already parsed
in CERN daemon, e.g.:


is called as:

.../script /first/argument name1= value1 name2= value2

You can always detect if the first arg is present by checking if
arg count is odd or even (besides, you probably know it anyway for
a given script). All the unescaping can be done before the script


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