Re: What URIs are and are not.

Erik Huizer (
Mon, 08 Nov 93 17:12:08 +0100

> Listen good if you are a newcomer to the list or on the
> IESG ;-)

This is the second sneer of this sort, and I start to dislike it. I hope
that the IESG (i.e. my) intervention has been positive and has been helpfull
to get the URI WG back up to speed. If not I suggest you either lodge a
formal complaint to the IESG, or back off.

I also like to argue that although I have not read all mail to this list,
nor attended all meetings of the group that my level of involvement is
sufficient to have an overview of what is happening and what has been
discussed before.

Furthermore, my name is written with a k rather than a c.