re: NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 8 available

Paul Everitt (
Sun, 7 Nov 1993 23:15:29 +0600


Are you using the binary for sun4, or did you compile your own?
I have the sun4 binary running in BCP, but since pre4 the networking
stuff has been broken. The CERN people found the bug. If you
take the source and compile it yourself, it works, but I don't
have Motif, so damn.

Or, maybe you are not having the same problem as us, which would
make me say huh?, because there are other people with the same
symptom. Mosaic does a DNS lookup, connects, and returns the
"Info server not ..." msg. However, it works on my local machine's
httpd daemon.

I.e. did you compile it yourself, or grap the sun4 binary from


> From Sun Nov 7 23:11 CST 1993
> Date: Mon, 8 Nov 93 0:09:17 EST
> From: Jim Martin <>
> To: (Paul Everitt)
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> Subject: re: NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 8 available
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> > Howdy neighbors. Anybody wanna put a binary for Solaris 2.x
> > up for adoption? Please*3e20!!
> >
> Well, I'm running pre8 (and everything else back to 1.2) under
> solaris 2.2 and (currently) 2.3 just fine. It will blather quite a bit
> on startup if your system doesn't match the ones at NCSA, but that can
> all be safely ignored. Good luck!
> Jim
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