NSCA <inc srv...> ?

Mr Robert McArthur (mcarthur@fit.qut.edu.au)
Mon, 8 Nov 93 12:26:41 EST

I seem to have a problem getting the <inc srv "|date"> working on
NCSA 1.0a3.1. I have a small document which really just prints the
current date...or should. I have tried "|/bin/date" as well. Since it
gives date as an example on hoohoo of this inc srv, its just possible I
have a conceptual error in my implementation:-), rather than a bug.


or, for the source,

<TITLE>Queensland University of Technology</TITLE>
<h1>Queensland University of Technology</h1>
<h1>Faculty of Information Systems</h1>
<h1>Experimental WWW Server</h1>

The time and date in Brisbane, Australia at the moment
is <inc srv "|date">.