Lynx 2.0.12 now available!

Lou Montulli (
Thu, 4 Nov 93 17:54:19 CST

Lynx Ver. 2.0.12 is now available for anonymous ftp from as /pub/lynx/lynx2-0-12.tar.Z

( )

Lynx is a distributed hypertext browser with full World Wide Web
and Gopher capibilities. For an explanation of features and a demo,
telnet to "" and login as "www".

This release of Lynx has been compiled by me on the following platforms:

o IBM (AIX 3.2)
o DEC Ultrix
o DEC Alpha OSF/1
o Sun 4
o NeXT (Mine is an older version of NeXTStep, but it should work
with newer ones too.)
o VMS (Multinet)

This release is rumored to compile on the following platforms:
o HP-UX (snake)
o Solaris 2
o SVR4
o SUN 3
o AIX 3.1
o NeXTStep 3.x

Binaries for the following platforms are available:

o IBM (AIX 3.2, will work with 3.1 as well)
o Ultrix
o Alpha OSF/1
o Sun 4
o VMS (Multinet)

A listserv list has been created for the distribution of
Lynx related information and updates.

Send a subscribe request to to
be added to the list. All new releases will be anounced on this
list. Please do not send subscribe requests to the the Lynx-Dev
list directly.

The following new features have been added:

* added preliminary level 1 forms support.
(Parsing and user display works, but nothing else)
I'm looking for input on the forms interface!
* interuptable I/O added. Hit the 'a' key for "abort" during
transfers. Its a little flakey right now during connections,
but it works most of the time :)
* local HTML documents ending in .html can now be referenced with
just a filename and/or path from the command line.
* Added preloaded searches to gopher URL's. They previously
didn't work. This is readily apparent as preloaded CSO
searches, which alot of people wanted. (bug?)
* added descriptive subject lines to files mailed from lynx
* added "X-within-URL" mail header line to specify which
URL from which files, comments, and mailto links are sent from.
* The user's specified editor is now spawned for mail messages.
If no editor is defined or if the user is anonymous, the built-in
lynx mail sender is used.
* added progress messages to all transfers.
* added -cache=# command line option to specify the number
of WWW documents cached in memory.
* added VMS port fixes from Foteos Macrides. Lynx now
compiles and works on VMS! (bug?)
* Moved many configuration options including printer setup to
lynx.cfg file. The default placement of the lynx.cfg file
will be /usr/local/lib & sys$public. Printers can now be
configured without recompiling!
* Removed STARTDIR variable from userdefs.h STARTDIR is now inferred
from the STARTFILE. (doesn't effect HTML files)
* Ported to SVR4 courtesy of Nickolay Saukh (from Russia, Wow this is
really getting around!)
* Uneditable documents don't get refetched. (Nickolay Saukh)
* National language support through LOCALE
(instead of ISOLATIN1), protected by #ifdef LOCALE (Nickolay Saukh)

A partial list of bugs that have been fixed

* disabled FTP connection caching to help fix multiple FTP problems
* fixed a bunch of gopher holes
* gopher lists are turned into URL's now instead of lynx
internal format document links
* removed old hytelnet compatibility code which looked in
multiple directories to find the correct file. If you still
need this capibility talk to me.
* changed all static data structures to be dynamic
This was a pretty major change of code which may add several
bugs. :)
* rewrote parse_links routine to make it more efficient and to
work with dynamic structures.
* added VMS port fixes from Foteos Macrides. Lynx now
compiles and works on VMS!
* fixed ftp bug in WWWlib that didn't de-escape URL's before
sending request to FTP server.
* fixed coredump bug for some files with no links.
* Fixed bug with only one link selectable out of many on the last line
of the display.


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