Forms submission

Marc Andreessen (
Thu, 4 Nov 93 13:39:00 -0800

Charles Henrich writes:
> Ack, I *really* *really* want to be able to submit on multiple field
> entries. For example, im trying to build a form for my interactive
> weather map (for which now you entry a semi-cryptic "isindex"
> query). There are two basic options, Show a station report, or show
> a surface map or both. However, if the user is requesting show a
> surface map, they have to fill out a bunch more information. I dont
> want to have to have a full page of "fill this out only if your are
> requesting the surface map". It'd be SO much nicer that when they
> click on the "Show surface map" radio button, the form re-appears,
> this time with all the additional information that is needed.
> Who do I have to appease to get this? What offerings to the gods
> must I make? :)

For now, go with either the "fill this out only if you want the
surface map" or separate forms, and we'll revisit it in a couple of
months... we really need to stabilize the first cut now, and get some
stable software out there.