Announcing getsites 1.4, a Web log analyzer

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (
Wed, 3 Nov 93 10:25:54 HST

*getsites* is a small C program that will produce detailed, concise,
weekly, or daily reports from your Web server. Here's the details:

* Works with CERN, NCSA, Plexus, and gn log files.
* All reports are in the same consistent format.
* All reports include server name and type, GMT and local date,
total requests last 7 days, unique hosts last 7 days,
total unique hosts, number of HTML and non-HTML requests,
and total number of requests.
* Detailed report includes IP addresses and host name,
number of host requests, and last access date.
* Weekly and daily reports are in vertical bar-chart format,
with number of requests for each week or day.
* You can choose to ignore numerical addresses beginning with
a certain string.
* getsites can take standard input, so you can pipe stuff to it.
* getsites can use a previous full getsites report to lookup
addresses both ways (this really speeds things up).

You can find out more at:

Or just grab the source at:


-- Kevin

Kevin Hughes
Honolulu Community College WWW site maintainer