Please Tables in HTML+

Terry Allen (
Tue, 2 Nov 1993 07:01:59 PST

I can do just about everything I need to in HTML for the
documents I'm currently trying to put up, except for tables.
PRE is a poor substitute for proper tables, and Table is
the biggest advance HTML+ offers me over HTML.

I agree we could defer much of what's in the current draft,
but please let's keep Tables in. I wish they'd go away,
but they won't.

Marc A deprecates underlining and the HTMLPLUS tag. Underlining
is essential for representing edited or modified text; browsers
simply need a way to distinguish underlined text from hot
underlined text. The HTMLPLUS tag, if the begin tag is made
inomissible, will be a precious indication of what DTD a document
corresponds to. I really think it should be retained.


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