Re: comments on HTML+ discussion document

John Ellson (hotsand!ellson)
Mon, 1 Nov 93 19:35:54 EST

> From: Tony Sanders <>

> to the user in a clear and consistant way. For example, one might opt to
> represent this information graphically (maybe this is a bit much,
> but you get the idea):
> Previous
> \
> \
> Back
> / \
> Preceding / \
> \ / Next See also:
> \ / Table of Contents
> Parent--CUR--Child Document History
> / \ Previous Version
> / \ Glossary
> Forward Following Index

This is great! Could we please have an array of buttons like this in
future browsers?

One problem with putting "standard" links like this in the document
itself is that they are forever scrolling off the page and are never
there when you want them. (Same comment applies to the search field
in xmosaic). Do you always read to the end of a page before turning
to the next?

- When would "Following" be a different document than "Next"?
(or is "Following" just pagedown in the current document?)
- Maybe "Child" isn't needed? Firstly there is rarely one child and
secondly the hypertext links in the body are the links to the children.

How about: Home | Back | PgUp TableOfContents
---------+---------+------ ListOfFigures
Previous | Reload | Next Glossary
---------+---------+------ Index
Parent | Forward | PgDn DocumentInfo

John Ellson
AT&T Bell Labs
Holmdel, NJ