Re: Accessing CSO servers via Web browsers

Jon E. Mittelhauser (
Sat, 30 Oct 93 10:29:04 CDT

Steve Heaney writes:
> Is there any reason why I should not be able to reliably query CSO
> servers e.g. <gopher://> via any WWW browser.
> NCSA Mosaic for X (2pre6) handles it ok, www on Unix seems to freeze
> as does NCSA Mosaic for Mac (B5). Havn't tried Lynx yet, but that's
> next.

Marca writes:

>Lou Montulli donated code to me way back when; it's no doubt in Lynx
>and should be in the next Mosaic for Mac beta.

It will also be in the next Mosaic for MS Windows beta as part of the
general improvement of the gopher interface that incorporates better
typing, icons, etc...