"www/tcp server failing (looping), service terminated"

Thu, 28 Oct 93 16:46:40 +0100

Dear fellow Webbers,

In reply to Ari Luotonen Tony Sanders <sanders@bsdi.com> wrote:
>> There is a hard-coded value in inetd allowing max 40 connections
>> from the same host per minute. Fast machines can make more requests
> Yet another good reason not to run services from inetd.

> Add the 10 lines of code or so needed so you don't have to run from inetd.
> You will get much better performance to boot.
Tony is right here.. those servers that are under heavy use should not be
run from inetd, since it costs quite a lot of performance. For testing

purposes, I prefer the inetd mechanism though, since I get a "fresh copy"
of the server software - this avoids a process becoming bigger and bigger
due to memory leaks.

Cheers, Chris