Pei Y. Wei (
Tue, 26 Oct 93 17:10:33 -0700

The idea was to do a quick style-hints sort of thing ASAP,
rather than something as comphrehensive as FOSI. But I suppose
a very subset of FOSI can be that.

Personally I still much prefer the simple semi LISP'ish syntax.
But I see your points. Didn't realize several commercial SGML
editors support it. Another argument for using SGML for stylesheets
may be that it could more easily be embedded in SGML documents.

If we go with FOSI now, someone should edit down the FOSI DTD.
As is its got too much we can't use now.

Either way is fine with me. Let's see what others think.

-Pei Pei Y. Wei
O'Reilly & Associates