EARN paper

Mon, 25 Oct 1993 06:45:47 -0500

I have been trying to get to the EARN guide at vms.huji.ac.il
through Oreilly's GNN but I get:

<BODY><H1>Error 501</H1>

Sorry, can't convert from application/postscript to www/present.</BODY>

when I click on the 'select' button. Then when I try to download
each chapter seperately I get to the "Getting Files - TRICKLE"
chapter I get an error saying that the resource doesn't
exist or that the server is unwilling to serve it up.

Anyone have any ideas??

Pat McClanahan Internet:mcclanah@dlgeo.cr.usgs.gov
EROS Data Center mcclanah@edcserver1.cr.usgs.gov
Sioux Falls, SD