can provide images (was cannot provide images)

Thu, 21 Oct 1993 19:16:06 +0100

>I have a problem in providing images with a current CERN httpd_2.12, when
>I use a new xmosaic 2.0pre_x browser.
>I have tried several combinations of server and browser, but with
>xmosaic 2.0pre_x and any httpd I always get the xmosaic logo instead of an
>inline gif image, when I look at my own pages. With xmosaic 1.x it still works,
>and xmosaic 2.0pre_x browses throught images provided by other servers.
>Can anybody tell me what protocoll changes I have missed?
>Thanks in advance
Sorry, but I made the mistake of mixing two rule files and addressing
an old httpd directly in the documents with the gif inline images.
Now the images are provided correctly.