Re: IETF work and UR*

Alan Emtage (
Wed, 20 Oct 1993 13:28:18 -0400


> I feel that it would be VERY USEFULL to have a short e-mail/document BEFORE
> Houston, that explains what URI, URN, URL etc. stand for, and that gives a
> short description of what goal they serve, how they will be used, and what
> the main arguments were for structuring them as they are.
> I will immediately admit that I would benefit from such a document to get
> up-to-date, but I'll add that it will serve other purposes:
> - can be included in IETF report to get other people up-to-date
> - can be included in an informational RFC on UR*, that describes the
> principles
> - can be used by Joyce, John and me to bring the rest of the IESG up-to-date
> Is there anyone out there that cares to draft such a summary?

Cliff Lynch had written such a beast which was presented at Columbus. I
will try to contact him and ask him to resubmit it to the list this week.


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