Re: c.i.w3 instead of mailing list (fwd)

Pete (
Mon, 11 Oct 93 9:30:02 BST

> >
> > I have much better tools for handling mail than news, so I'd like it to
> > be kept in news. In addition, news encourages mindless asides from
> > bored undergraduates to a much greater extent than mailing lists do,
> > because you actually have to take some action to be added to a mailing
> > list; nice little energy gradient that seems to keep out more of the
> > information-empty.
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> > Bill
> >
> I agree. I also like the fact that I recieve mail about 5000 times
> faster than news. It can take up to a day for a news message to
> get around and sometimes longer.

I agree as well. I happen to spend a large proportion of my day
handling email and it is much more convenient for me to have a
permanently open incoming mailbox than to flit around news AND
have a permanently open incoming mailbox.