re: HTML+ : questions, and a suggestion for a graph or tree tag

bryan d oakley (
Fri, 8 Oct 93 13:12:39 CDT

Facinating set of circumstances here... back on Sept. 27th I posted a
fairly long message on HTML+, what it's status is, and whether or not
it would be possible to add a tag for a graph or tree. As luck would
have it, my (*gack*) uucp connection died and resurfaced with a
different name, changing my email address and forever losing a couple
weeks worth of mail. I'm curious to know if there were any responses.
I would appreciate it if someone might be kind enough to clue me in to
any response. Note my email address below:

Thanks. If I need to repost my original letter I will, but will
refrain for the time being.

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