advice on httpd sought

Lou Burnard (
Wed, 06 Oct 1993 18:19:40 +0100

I can't believe I'm alone in wanting to do this. Nor that no-one has
thought of this way of doing it. Would someone therefore please very
kindly tell me (and preferably offline if I am asking a really dim
question) how to tell my httpd server that when it gets a request for a
document with extension .blort it should pass said document through a
filter FOO before serving it forth? I glanced through the httpd v 0.4
from ncsa, but couldn't see any obvious place to do it. Before I roll up
my shirtsleeves and get hacking, I'd just like to find out if someone's
passed this way before...

Why do I want to do this? because I expect to have several zigaflops of
TEI-conformant sgml text here is why, and I really don't want to have
to keep copies of them all online in html as well. Writing a filter
to translate TEI markup into html is well within the bounds of even
my C-competence.

thank you