Is there any caching ...

Guenther Fischer (
Wed, 6 Oct 1993 17:32:14 +0100 (MET)

my wishes:
- I want to give www clients to our users but I'm afraid because of the
traffic (we have only 64KB bandwidth).
- It would be nice if I could say
xmosaic -cacheserver a_local_host:port
and xmosaic would connect to a_local_host:port and write
GET /host[:port/... (full http URL without prologue http:/ )
- then I could create a cache server
the first GET generate a remote GET - the second can give the answer
local and fast
- the I also need a HTTP command that gives me not the file but the
needed information about the file like size, date etc. (is it HEAD?)
So a cache server could implement refreshs ...

what I've done:
- to get the nice GNN from, I've saved the home page
to my local server and have created a link to it from my local root
- this "cache" erver is a plexus and I've hacked in the
to do the job (craeting directories and getting the file and
putting them to the clients)
It runs on a separate port - the port number is my "mapping"
to the mother server.

Are there other/better solutions to do such a job? How can I get
infomations like filesize and date?


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