Re: ISMAP coordinate tool

Rob McCool (
Mon, 4 Oct 1993 15:17:16 -0500

* ISMAP coordinate tool by Jim Davis (
* written on Sep 30, 4:34pm.
* Has anyone yet built a tool to facilitate creating the sets of
* rectangle definitions needed for an ISMAP image? I have one
* about 1/3 finished, but suddenly was struck by the thought that
* someone ELSE may already have one working. In an unusual attack
* of conscience I decided to ask the net instead of just hacking
* away anyway. Sooooo has anyone written such a thing yet?
* And if not, what would be a reasonable output format? I've
* seen the format in HTTP://pulua/
* Is everyone using their format for ISMAP, or are other formats
* also in use? (e.g. in the floorplan demo at
* or the active room
* at
* (I can't find the "fish picture" anymore. What does it use?)

The fish picture might be referring to the demo I put together for NCSA
httpd, and can be found at URL

I used xv to put together the coordinates, and the imagerect.conf
format described in the server's docs as an output format.