Re: proposed MIME type, Microsoft Help

Peter Lister, Cranfield Computer Centre (
Mon, 04 Oct 93 14:07:41 BST

> From memory, there _was_ a program posted that spat text out from
> bookreader documents - it got squished, DEC claimed the format was
> proprietry, or something. This was maybe a year or two ago. I think
> DECwrite can read and write bookreader files, but thats a $$$ option.

We have DECwrite (for our sins), and it will output to bookreader, but
not input. The output is pathetic, as it takes all the paper specific
settings - typeface, page breaks, and along with the document structure
- it's more trouble than it's worth. Even if DECwrite did input
bookreader, it would do something dumb with it....

> Who knows, DEC just put all their info on gatekeeper onto the Web, maybe
> they will write something like this and release it? (Yeah, right...)

Oooh, look at that pig flying past my window!

Thanx anyway.

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