Worm WWW

ts (decoux@moulon.inra.fr)
Sun, 3 Oct 93 12:45:59 +0100

New features for gateway WWW-ACEDB (WWWW)

* Genetic, chromosomic, physical, features maps (ASCII or PostScript

- If you want to retrieve a PostScript graphic, you MUST have a client
1.0 which accept "application/postscript".

- server send PostScript colour graphic if "COLOUR" is defined in

- features maps only if sequence length < 5000, because with a length of
1 000 000 sequences "moulon.inra.fr" take approximately 30 seconds
to calculate the map, 3 minutes to write a PostScript file (whole map
= 15 pages) and size of result file is greater than 20 Mbyte for a
whole map

* more "dumper" : keySet, DNA ("ace" dump), longText

At compile time, definitions for dump and display (map) functions are
read from "${ACEDB_SRC}/wspec/quovadis.wrm". If you have modified this
file, you must adapt your functions for WWW (examples are given in
wwwgmapdisp.c, wwwpmapdisp.c, ...).

* table maker file (command "table table_maker_def arg") : name of table
maker definitions file are read from "${DATABASE}/wspec/table.menu.wrm".

* server detect automatically if a map, bibliography or table maker file
is associated with the document.

* For security reasons :

+ All pathnames of table maker definitions files are relative to directory
${DATABASE}. You can't put ".." in the pathname. Example for :

Map_Data : wquery/map_data.1.def

Pathname is "${DATABASE}/wquery/map_data.1.def".

+ you can't prefix a command with $ (subshell) or @.

+ isWriteAccess return always FALSE.

If all is well, source (only ANSI C) available Friday.

Guy Decoux