slideshow-1.2 now available

Vinay Kumar (
Fri, 1 Oct 93 15:16:01 PDT

"ss" or slideshow Ver1.2 is now available by anonymous ftp from: (

ss [filename]

where, [filename] is an ascii text file containing all the URL's (Details
included in the distribution).

The following new options have been added:

h (H, ?) to display this message.
d (D) to show all the slides on STDOUT.
n (N, <Return>) to view next slide in XMosaic.
p (P) to view previous slide.
l (L) to view the last slide.
f (F) to view the first slide.
q (Q) to quit this slideshow session.
# to jump to a specific slide number # (e.g. 0,1,5,2..).

Thanks to Kevin Altis@Intel for suggestions and helping me out in testing
some of this stuff.

  Vinay Kumar