Re: Access Authorization

Steve Heaney (
Fri, 17 Sep 1993 10:25:22 +0200

Evening Marc,

Have a heart. It's early over here - early enough for a couple of
unsubstantiated comments. You're right, of course. I didn't mean to
imply by the braces that (wide) applied to (Kerberos). I should have
been more specific. Maybe you could tell me how widely its used :-).

It's just the cumulative impression I got from a newsgroup, the fact that its
MIT software, it's been around a while, the number of platforms its available
for, the fact that OSF DCE is based on it, its use by DEC and Transarc (who ??)

However if there is no solution out there (not necessarily Kerberos), then

It's just I would not like to see the wheel reinvented `cos the first one
was the wrong color.


Steven Heaney
Schlumberger Geco-Prakla