New version of the emacs WWW Browser

William Perry (
Thu, 16 Sep 1993 17:57:49 -0500

Hello all,
This is just to announce the release of yet another beta version of the
emacs World Wide Web Browser. This is version .993 (Beta), but seems to be
pretty stable.

One of the major additions to this version is support for forms. I have
added the same extensions to the <INPUT> tag as Xmosaic - namely the RESET
and SUBMIT types. No type checking is done right now, but should be fairly
straightforward to add. Major bug thoug - in emacs18, if you edit the
fields more than once it sends each edit to the server - anybody want to
write a delete-zone function? :>

Other changes include:
1) More HTML+ support, including support for the <EM> tag, and all
its roles, <REMOVED> and <ADDED> tags, <SP>, and <BR>
2) Better MIME support
3) An integrated gopher mode - converts gopher output into valid
HTML and parses it like any other buffer - preserves the
hypertext flavor, and allows you to use the same viewers while in
4) Various small changes to the parser - better <ADDRESS> handling,

For those of you who don't know what the emacs browser is, it is a world
wide web browser written entirely in emacs lisp. It has support for
mulitple fonts when in xwindows (epoch,emacs19, and lucid emacs), and
graphics (epoch version only). It is fully HTTP/1.0 compliant, and is on
its way to being HTML+ savvy.

The files can be found at, the files are:

w3.tar.z - the main browser files
extras.tar.z - support files that w3 uses (ange-ftp, gopher, and nntp)

If you are just upgrading the browser (or already have the support files
installed), you will only need the w3.tar.z file.

If you pick up this package, please drop me a line and let me know so I
can get a general idea of how many people are using it, and so I can let you
know of alpha/beta releases.

This should be coming out of beta release soon - it is getting very
stable, and I am wrapping up the research project it is a part of, so I'd
appreciate it if anyone who has the time try it out and let me know what
breaks. If possible, a working knowledge of emacs lisp is useful for
sending in bug reports, but is not necessary (for bug reports, please
include emacs version and the url of the document that broke it).

The documentation is online at

Bill P.

William M. Perry (