Re: uh oh -- halp!

Tony Sanders (
Wed, 08 Sep 1993 16:04:58 -0500

[problem about supporting HTTP/1.0 and HTTP0 in same client]
> > The result is that the socket gets confused and the client only ends
> > up getting the first chunk of data<(usually 1024 bytes).
I think the client is getting ENOTCONN when the server does the close.
You could work around this by detecting ENOTCONN and retrying without
"HTTP/1.0". For performance you would probably want to cache a list of
HTTP0 servers (though I wouldn't bother keeping it around between sessions).

> 1) To change the HTTP/1.0 protocol to use a different separator between
> accept fields, and to use CR LF as a terminator. This means getting new
> versions of all the servers and clients, and also means getting all
> existing HTTP/1.0 servers upgraded. Anyone know the install base
> out there? This will cause lots of user headaches until all the servers
> get upgraded.
I don't think \r\n is the problem. Just set the connection to unbuffered
(I'll bet you have it line buffered now) and flush when done building the
request. However,

Maybe someone with more TCP knowledge could dig into this and figure out
another solution.