Re: front-end for interactively controlling xmosaic from command

Vinay Kumar (
Wed, 8 Sep 93 09:46:16 PDT

> From: (Omy Ronquillo)

> As far as a slide show is concerned, I second the motion to have something
> like this capability
> Play/Pause
> Stop
> Rewind
> Forward
> How can I observe this with 2.0Pre3?

Correct if i am wrong in saying that HTTP is a stateless protocol. ANd what
you mentioned above represent different states to me.

In HTTP, you simply do a GET to fetch the html document. Well behaved clients
are not supposed to wait for user action before reading the whole document.

WHat you seem to be suggesting is that first we fetch the whole audio
clip or movie clip and then perform all the above operations. This will
work but only in the short run (while the movie/audio clips are short).
A more scalable solution would involve interactively controlling the stream<
while it is being fetched without first caching the whole lenght of data<

This would however involve integrating state-based support to HTTP. But we
need to be careful if we decide to do that. Maybe this is not what you had
in mind !

  Vinay Kumar