Re: Submitting input-form data to server

Pei Y. Wei (
Mon, 6 Sep 93 02:10:53 -0700

Henning G. Schulzrinne:
> Is there a good case where the same 'name' would result in two
> different 'localvar'?

How about a checklist like this:
<INPUT name="topping" type="check"
value="artichoke" localvar="PIZZA_TOPPING_artichoke">Artichoke
<INPUT name="topping" type="check"
value="mushroom" localvar="PIZZA_TOPPING_mushroom">Mushroom
<INPUT name="topping" type="check"
value="mushroom" localvar="PIZZA_TOPPING_olive">Olive

Where the pizza topping defaults might be this:
% setenv PIZZA_TOPPING_artichoke checked
% setenv PIZZA_TOPPING_olive checked

But, the thing that concerns me a bit about overloading 'name' is that
it could get us into a situation where authors (or construction programs)
of input-forms must tip toe around when assigning 'name's. The authors
would have to know about the default-variables people might have, to know
which default values.

Put it another way, I (as a form author) would like the browser to
attempt default value 'localvar'. If I'm not sure about people's local variables, or don't
want to bother, I'd leave 'localvar' out and avoid any unintended side