NCSA httpd 0.5 released

Rob McCool (
Mon, 6 Sep 1993 02:17:00 -0500

NCSA httpd version 0.5 has been released, and is on under
/Web/ncsa_httpd/httpd-0.5. Version 0.5 is a maintenance release of a stable
server before 1.0a1 (alpha of HTTP/1.0 compliant server) is released later
this week.

This will be the last release to support the on-the-fly gopher indexing, and
will be the last release to support group annotation until it is
re-introduced in the next month or so.

Here is a copy of the README for your perusal. Any questions or inquiries
should be mailed to

--Rob, Marc, and Eric

Rob McCool, 
Software Development Group, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
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NCSA HTTP server ================

Beta Release 0.5

Final release for Gopher and Group Annotation features. In future releases, Gopher support will not reappear, and Group Annotation features will reappear in a more protocol-supported fashion.

This code is in the public domain. Specifically, we give to the public domain all rights for future licensing of the source code, all resale rights, and all publishing rights.

We ask, but do not require, that the following message be included in all derived works:

Portions developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Now that that's out of the way, we can move on to more interesting things.

OVERVIEW --------

You've found the Beta release of NCSA's HTTP server. This code is in testing and development, but is currently fully functional as a simple HTTP server.

NEW IN RELEASE 0.5 ------------------

o Slight bug in gopher support fixed o Standalone support added

NEW IN RELEASE 0.4 ------------------

o Added annotation server support. See README.GROUP-ANNOTATIONS. o Added access logging capability. o Added HTTP/1.0 compatibility (3rd+ args of GET command ignored). o Changed handling of full hostnames. o Fixed bug with index.html not being recognized unless a trailing slash was appended to the directory name. o Fixed bug with extraneous null appended to end of file data stream. o Fixed bug handling directory URL's with trailing slashes. o Made a little more Ultrix-friendly.

NEW IN RELEASE 0.3 ------------------

o Security hole (should be the last) fixed o Nearly complete drop-in gopher support. See README.GOPHER for details o Not being able to find the config file does not send back a path

NEW IN RELEASE 0.2 ------------------

o Two security holes fixed o Double slashes in root index fixed o Not being able to find the error files no longer hangs the server

FEATURES --------

o Directory aliasing and denial. The server can be configured to map different directories to different places in the filesystem, and easily deny access to a particular directory or file by mapping it to something which o Automatic directory index files and on-the-fly index generation. If the server finds that the client is requesting a directory, it first checks for a file, by default called "index.html" but which o Drop-in gopher support. This server is able to automatically interpret gopher directory structures and construct, on the fly, HTML indexes of them. Should be faster than gopherd in HTML mode.

o Group annotation server capabilities. See README.GROUP-ANNOTATIONS for more details.

o Access logging. See httpd.h for more details.

o Designed to be small and low-impact: the entire source is 3,000 lines, with full gopher, annotation server, and logging support.

FUTURE PLANS ------------

o HTTP2 (HTTP/1.0) support.

o On the fly uncompression.

That should be all you need. E-mail problems, suggestions for features or documentation, cash donations, food, etc. to We encourage you to try and break the server, or compromise its security, and let us know how you did it so we can fix it.

Rob, Eric, Marc

Rob McCool, 
Software Development Group, National Center for Supercomputing Applications
It was working ten minutes ago, I swear...
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