Re: WWW usage stats

Martijn Koster (
Tue, 24 Aug 1993 10:30:20 +0100

> In case anyone is interested I've recorded requests from 2267 different
> IP addresses on my WWW server. I'm wondering what the numbers are for
> sites like NCSA and CERN. That's a lot of WWW users.

I am not particularly happy about my system logging, as I haven't properly
automated everything yet, but I do have a list of (resolved) ip addresses.
My count up to today is 2194.

> Anyone interested in doing a consolidated IP list? If you have one
> send me a pointer and I'll ftp it and summerize back in a few days.

FTP it? pht :-) My list is on
I want to put more of the logs in the web, but I haven't decided exactly
what or how. That's why it has not been linked in nicely.

> (it should be a uniq'ed list of IP address, FQDN's will do if that's all
> you have).

My list has both, which is probably usefull. I for one would be interested in
the .gov/.edu/.com/country distribution of all these users.

> --sanders

-- Martijn
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