HAS Service Announcement (fwd)

Neal Holtz (nholtz@civeng.carleton.ca)
Thu, 19 Aug 93 12:35:44 EDT

I just saw this announcement. Is the Mosaic being referred to any relation
to the one we know?

Gleason Sackman writes:
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> Date: 18 Aug 1993 14:32:39 -0800
> From: Craig Strachman <craig_strachman@docmacgw.hybrid.com>
> Subject: HAS Service Announcement
> REGARDING HAS Service Announcement
> Hybrid Networks, Inc.
> Contact: Craig Strachman (408) 725-3262, css@hybrid.com
> Hybrid to Unveil Affordable High Speed Network Via Cable TV at Interop
> Cupertino, CA- August 18, 1993 - Following three years of development,
> Hybrid Networks, Inc. (Hybrid) will announce the immediate availability of
> the Hybrid Access System (HAS) at the Interop trade show being held August
> 25-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Using a cable feed
> provided by San Francisco's Viacom Cable, Hybrid will be demonstrating the
> HAS, the first affordable networking system capable of delivering a broad
> range of high speed services to homes, offices, or schools using the
> existing communications infrastructure.
> The HAS is unique because it takes advantage of today's existing cable and
> phone technology. Hybrid, using standard TV cable that already exists in the
> home, delivers high speed information to remote sites at Ethernet speeds (10
> Mbps). The return channel makes use of the public phone lines that operate at
> standard modem speeds (9600 bps to 64 Kbps). The user at home requires only a
> cable line, telephone line, and personal computer.
> Because Hybrid supports an information discovery and retrieval tool called
> Mosaic, the remote user has an easy-to-use "point and click" graphical
> interface which makes surfing the Internet easier than ever.
> Working with TCI Cablevision in San Jose and Cupertino, Hybrid is currently
> testing its system in homes and local schools. Cable in the Classroom, a
> national program designed to provide educational material in the schools, is
> one major application that is possible with the HAS. The HAS can also be
> utilized to extend the computer resources of corporations thereby creating a
> Virtual Office in the home.
> Hybrid will be located at Booth #2742 in the South Hall of the Moscone
> Center.