Re: icon request

N F Drakos (
Thu, 19 Aug 1993 10:38:35 +0200

>Does anyone have a really slick, fairly small color icon suitable for
>representing sound clips? A full-color human ear or something like
>Be kinda neat to have an online exhibit of the best icons known to
>humankind, in hypermedia form, available for downloading. Anyone got
>any free time? :-)

If anybody is interested in taking up Marc's offer, Anthony's X
Icon Library might be a good starting point. The address is:

Nikos Drakos,
Computer Based Learning Unit,
University of Leeds.

Here are some extracts from the README file:

Anthony's X Icon Library (version 1.3)

This collection was developed from the need for a collection of small
bitmaps for both programming and X application icons. The library is
freely copyable and can be used for any purpose you may desire. I would
appreciate any new icons you may like to add to this collection and thay
can be e-mail'ed to the above address.

The sub-directorys are :-

std Icons (xbm) that are all 64x54 in size. This is to allow
X window screen displays to have all its application icons
the same size. Some of these icons represent particular
machines on the Giffith University network. These icons
are placed in the directory "/usr/include/X11/bitmaps/std"
at this site. See also "README.xrdb" and README.twmrc.

bw-32 Black & White icons that are all 32x32 in size.
bw-48 Black & White icons that are all 48x48 in size.
bw-64 Black & White icons that are all 64x64 in size.
bw-misc Black & White icons of miscellanous size.
bw-bgnd Large(ish) background tile patterns (IE: escher fish tile).
bw-pats Small scale texture patterns (IE: GreyScale or root_weave).

cl-32 Color icons which are 32x32 pixels in size. (a large collection)
cl-48 Color icons which are 48x48 pixels in size. (only 2 icons)
cl-64 Color icons which are 64x64 pixels in size. (no icons - yet)
cl-misc Color icons of miscellanous sizes.
cl-bgnd Color background tiles. (NOTE: these are in gif format)

gr-misc Miscellanous sized grey-scale icons. (only 2 at this time)

button Small symbols or pictures used for buttons and markers.
Usually 16x16 but not always.

cursor Small cursors and associated masks (ie: watch & gumby )

twm Small set of icons for use as part of the TWM window manager
title bar display. The number in the icon name refers to
the 75dpi font point size that is used within the title
bar. (Box size - 1) (See "README.twm" file)

prog A collection of icons that would probably only be used in
specific programs. This includes icons for landscapes,
`planview' type adventure games (EG: Ultima, Nethack),
Drawing programs, and assorted miscellanous controls.
This is a `catch-all' directory of icons with specific
purposes. See the README.prog file in this archieve.

mail Icons for showing the status of mail (xbiff & xmail progs)
*_new.xbm for new mail just arrived
*_none.xbm for no mail in mail box (or no new mail)
*_old.xbm for only old mail in mail box (hardly used)
*_mask.xbm for mask shaped windows (ie: xbiff)

docs Icons for file managers and browsers (eg: like `xdtm' )
flags A collection of country flags from around the globe
movies Icons that form an animation sequence of some sort

bits Bits & Pieaces which are not relly complete icons in
themselves but can be used to create new icons to decorate
applications. (IE: flowers, animals, balls, pipes)