Re: browsing vs validation, or, why not to make software robust

Terry Allen (
Wed, 18 Aug 1993 16:10:55 PDT

No lint is needed; we have a DTD. That's supposed to be our
interface between documents and browsers. If you don't want to
report errors, well, we'll have to live with that. But if you
aren't planning on using the HTML+ DTD as an interface with us
document editors, please tell us now.

We've gotta know when our docs are valid without running them
through every parser. Our mechanism for doing that is SGML, with
all its warts.

Perhaps I have a beta version, but I often get messages about
characters my terminal can't render (that's what I meant by
error messages).

I'm sure I'm not alone now in wondering how your browser deals
with markup, Marc. Can you give us a brief description?


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