Re: anchors with the same name

Marc Andreessen (
Wed, 18 Aug 93 15:44:47 -0500

Dave_Raggett writes:
> > I agree (obviously) that documents should be validated. However, you
> > are suggesting that this should be done via the browser. This seems to
> > be more related to the authoring task. A browser user can do nothing
> > about a non-conforming document unless they are also the owner.
> Until everyone is using full wysiwyg authoring tools, people are going
> to continue using text editors. They then run the browser to check the
> results - at this point the browser should inform them that they have
> screwed the syntax! So the practical approach is for browsers to flag
> whether documents conform or not to the DTD!

A more practical approach is to have a single HTML-lint (whether
that's sgmls + DTD or a smaller and simpler program is beside the
point) that does this for them. Many of the browser writers have
their hands full simply trying to support the browsers as browsers,
not pseudo-authoring tools.