Re: ul compact

Steve Heaney (
Wed, 18 Aug 1993 16:05:13 +0200

There has been a deal of discussion about where formatting information
should go, what formatting information can be defined etc.

One development, which I support, is the idea of a style sheet which is
separate from the document but specifies its formatting. Is this
going to be part of the HTML+? If so, it obviously affects the HTML+
DTD in terms of the attributes that elements will take.

If it _is_ to be part of HTML+, the attributes that represent formatting
hints need to be removed. This would, to my mind, include the some of the
attributes currently being discussed wrt list formatting.

On the subject of specifying formatting information, may I suggest that
either DSSSL or FOSI form the basis of the specification, but that only
those parts of these (large) standards that are required are used. I
see little point in reinventing the wheel, but it is obviously not
desirable to implement either in their entirety.