man2html v0.7

Rik Harris (
Tue, 17 Aug 93 10:09:54 +1100

Version 0.7 of my man2html conversion program is now available as:

The following changes have been made since version 0.6:

Generated links are now "quoted"
Generated links are now relative, unless $hostname and $port are defined
Handling of <, >, and & are cleaned up
Fonts are now <i>, <b>, rather than <HP1>, <HP2>
Fonts are now more generalised
Headings are now more generalised
Pagebreaks no longer occur within the output HTML, there's still a
<P> there though :-(
Removed and related files - they weren't used

--- from the README

What is man2html?

The scripts and files contained in this distribution are used at our
site to convert Unix-style manual pages from their nroff form to a
html, so that they can be displayed with a World Wide Web (WWW, or W3)

What is it good for?

I use it as part of our internal documentation system. Most of our
documentation is in HTML. I use it so I can point users to manual
pages, and not have to pick out huge sections of the system manuals
and put them in our documentation.

What does it run on?

I have tested it on SunOS 4.1.2, and nothing else. I'm happy to hear
success stories about other systems that it works on, but probably
can't spend much time getting it working on systems that it doesn't
work on.

What else do I need?

To use this package, you must have the groff package from a gnu
archive site. You must also have the Perl package from Larry Wall.
This can be found at any site archiving comp.sources.misc. The
version I used was 4.0.36,

have fun,

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