Re: WWWWW Notes

Nathan Torkington (
Sat, 14 Aug 1993 17:54:23 +1200

Nathan Torkington writes:

> What I envision is people writing their documents in whatever DTD they
> feel best suits their semantics. Then they convert their SGML to
> HTPL, a common presentation format for the web, and this is what is
> put on the web. If we create a DTD that encodes portable semantics,
> then by golly, they can convert their SGML to PSL (portable semantics
> language) and make *that* available as well

I thought I had some objections to the style-sheets proposed. I've
sat down and tried to think of some, and besides my vague discomfort
with (a) the fact that presentation won't be completely eliminated
from the HTML+ dtd and (b) the added complexity of converting the DTD
*and* the style-sheet, I couldn't really come up with anything.

I guess I support the style-sheet proposal, but would rather have had
my way :)