Re: anchors with the same name.

Marc Andreessen (
Thu, 12 Aug 93 21:58:16 -0500

Lou Montulli writes:
> > ... In the file,
> > the lists get indented too far after QUINCEY KOZIOL entry because of a
> > missing </UL> in his entry. My list handling code does this too -
> > any ideas on how to detect it? Xmosaic formats the list just fine.
> > *sigh* My life would be so much simpler if Xmosaic wasn't so
> > accomodating of bad HTML :)
> I Agree completely!! This is my official plee for marc and eric to
> stop supporting such bad html. Some of the things they have done
> I agree have usefulness, but there is TOO much tolorance for other
> things that should never be tolarated.

We didn't intend to support the HTML in question.....


<h3>Daniel LaLiberte</h3>

The Mosaic parser is simply looking at this like so:

</ul <h3>

The second < is disregarded since it's looking for a > to close the
tag; the h3 (or possibly <h3; I'm not sure which exactly) is
considered an attribute of the /ul tag; the result is that it's saying
"OK, the list is closed and I'm ignoring this extra 'h3' attribute
that I don't understand".

This is just the way our parser works -- not our way of supporting bad