Re: WWWWW Notes
Thu, 12 Aug 93 18:06:02 EDT

> I also think conversion tools will, in the long run, be more useful
> than an editor. Why? Any editor produced in the WWW environment and
> given away is simply not going to be able to compare with standard
> commercial editors. We are not Microsoft (none of us). Also, HTML
> does not make a good base document format; I find it hard to believe
> that publishers, for example, are going to be using it as their base
> format, ever. A converter that capitalizes on a good preexisting
> format (e.g. RTF) and delivers good HTML as an output format for
> networked information distribution is much more useful in such cases.

100% in agreement... We need more filters like the latex2html filter
(almost good enough to convince me to learn latex).