Authoring tools
Thu, 12 Aug 93 19:43:16 +0200

Dear fellow netters,

Bob Stayton <> writes:
> Authoring tools
> ---------------
> I led this subgroup in the hope that someone would
> offer their whizbang WYSIWYG HTML editor. No luck.
> - Only the NeXT box has a graphical editor, and it won't work
> with HTML+ because of element nesting.

Hm.. we are currently working on a WYSIWYG HTML editor (with a "drag and
drop" interface for HTML elements). I'll elaborate more on the UI aspects
as soon as we got something to show. In the meantime, could somebody

be a bit more specific on the problems connected to element nesting?

It might be very helpful if we could also take into consideration
what other people think on this subject.

Please e-mail if you think it's not of general interest to this list.

Thanx a bunch,
* Christian Neuss % % the humdrum